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Interactive Learning


Global Medal Ceremony - June 20th - 4:30PM CEST

Who won the gold medal?

Discover the winners by category: 

2024-06-13-Winners per category-1 (1) (2)
Their teachers love to ask lots of questions, and their students answer them by the thousands. They are the uncontested interactive champions.
2024-06-13-Winners per category-2 (1) (2)
MCQs, Find on image… and many more: teachers at these institutions love using diverse question types to make classes more engaging.
2024-06-13-Winners per category-3 (3) (2)
Collaboration is second nature for these institutions! By sharing and co-creating Wooclap events, colleagues often pass the baton to make learning awesome.
2024-06-13-Winners per category-4 (1) (2)
Never resting on their laurels, these institutions have created a plethora of new interactive learning questions in the last year. 
2024-06-13-Winners per category-5 (2) (2)
Each session is like the 100m final for this institution, which is why they have the highest engagement levels per learning sessions.
2024-06-13-Winners per category-6 (1) (2)
Blink and you might miss them: they are the fastest growing institutions when it comes to interactive learning using Wooclap.
2024-06-13-Winners per category-7 (1) (2)
Learning happens everywhere, and all the time! These institutions are the best at leveraging asynchronous learning.
2024-06-13-Winners per category-8 (2)
Each year since they first started using Wooclap, students at these institutions have answered more questions than the year before. That’s some serious endurance!
2024-06-13-Winners per category-9 (1) (2)
Let’s celebrate new partners! With strong interactive learning traditions, they’ve adopted Wooclap to push it even further.
The Worldwide Finalists
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The most prestigious universities in the race

We are celebrating the most interactive and innovative higher education institutions around the world.

They compete in 9 categories and dozens of medals are up for grabs!

Join us on June 20th to find out the winners' secrets to improve learning outcomes.

Save the date - June 20th!

Meet your colleagues and find inspiration from the world's best Higher Ed institutions.


Follow the competition

Universities and colleges from around the world have embraced interactive learning. Discover who will be in the top 3 in each award category.

Unlock best practices 

This global webinar will gather the world's best higher education professionals. Tune in to discover their secrets to student engagement.

Learn Wooclap tips 

These institutions have mastered Wooclap and its powerful features. Learn how they create great learning experiences with the tool.

9 Interactive Learning Awards

  • 9 categories

    Higher education institutions from all around the world compete in 9 categories, from most engaged to most collaborative. Stay tuned to learn more about each award.

  • 27 medals... and more!

    The global competition will see 27 medals awarded. But even universities from countries around the world will also be recognized.

  • Finalists announced soon

    Finalists will be announced on June 11th, grab your seat and check your mail box to see if your university is a contender.

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Join us for the Interactive Learning Olympics

Your medal ceremony presenters

“The part I love most about my job is seeing the Wooclap community grow, and see the creative uses that teachers and learning technologists come up with.”

Jennifer Larsen, Community builder at Wooclap
“This is our chance to thank the superstar higher education professionals who use Wooclap every day to improve learning outcomes.”
Sylvain Bitton, Content Specialist at Wooclap